Earpiece Online Asks What Is An Acoustic Tube Earpiece

Earphones play a huge role when it comes to communication privacy. When you want to personally get what is being communicated or listen to a favourite music. There are many types of earphone which serve different purposes altogether. Some earphones come with double microphone for both ears while others come in one piece for one year. There are earphones that are specifically meant for listening to music on devices. And there are some that are dedicated to special purposes like security functions. Among the dedicated earphones or earpiece is the acoustic tube earpiece. So what is an Acoustic Tube Earpiece?

What It Is
It is an exclusive type of hearing aid that is built with a thin tube. The tube assists in transmitting sound and the earpiece is mostly fitted behind the ear and attached to an ear bud. The ear bud is then inserted in the ear. They are usually fitted to a radio device that allows communication within a selected frequency.

For an acoustic earpiece to function, it should be connected to a wireless receiver. The receiver is mostly worn by the user beneath their clothing. Some have microphones which are either placed on the shoulder of the user, the tie, or chest area, or on the wrist.

Where Is It Mostly Used?
Being a special set of hearing device, it is not common to see it around with anyone. The most common people that you can expect to see with this type of earpiece include;

• Security Personnel
Like mentioned, they have only one piece for fitting in the ear and security personnel is the most common unit to be noted with such devices. The device of a security person could have an earpiece that is accompanied by a hidden microphone. The earpiece and microphone allows a 2-way communication. Some earpieces may not have a visible microphone, though some may include an incorporated microphone in the earpiece. The majority of the Acoustic Tube earpieces are designed to allow the tubing to comfortably fit behind the ear. This enhances furtive surveillance.

• Television Broadcasters
The new era of technology has allowed news anchors to use the Acoustic Tube Earpieces that are barely recognized. The TV broadcasters mostly use these earpieces for an improved communication between them and their producers. That is done so for privacy and to avoid the viewers to see the devices and the producers behind the cameras.

• Though not very common, some people use the acoustic tube earpiece for regular mobile usage. Some use it as a personal audio device while others use them with their mobile phones.

Advantages of The Acoustic Tube Earpiece
Like mentioned, it is not commonly used by civilians around and for that reason, they have their own benefits. Some of them include;
• Covert: having one earpiece with tubing that goes behind the ear, this earpiece promotes privacy. It is difficult for anyone to realize the earpiece since the tubing is clear, for that, it blends with the skin color.
• Reduces Background Noise: The earpiece is designed to give the user absolute hearing from the other end. They can be used in a noisy environment and deliver high quality sound that is audible enough.
• Durable: These earpieces are durable since they are sturdy compared to other hearing devices. The robust tube shields some vulnerable wiring that is important to the device. That ensures that the internal wiring system is not interfered in any way. Even when a user is engaged in a rough physical condition, the tough tubing will endure through it all.
• Comfortable to Wear: The ear bud of the devices is customized to comfortably fit in the users’ ear. It is also comfortable since the wiring passes behind the ear to give the user liberty in movement without worrying about the wiring. The wiring goes beneath the users’ clothing and cannot be interfered with easily.

EarpieceOnlines earpieces are exclusive in use and design altogether. Their wireless receiver is worn beneath the clothes and is usually lighter to enhance easy movement.

Some people call it a radio headset while others call it a tactical earpiece, most probably because it is a special device worn on one ear. Yet others call it a surveillance earpiece, but no matter the definition, you now know what is an Acoustic Tube Earpiece.