Tool Demonstration

This page provides a brief overview of how you can use the tool, the types of questions asked and what the results of using the tool look like.

Each page explains why the steps need to be taken and gives advice on how to complete the online tool and implement in pratice. The FAQ section provides definitions, explanations and suggestions to help the user.

Figure 1: FAQ help. Click for larger view

The tool is split into 3 phases: planning, implementation and review.

Throughout the tool there are text boxes to complete. These text boxes have a sample event so you are able to read the response to the sample event before writing your own response.

In the sample below the text box is used as a guide to help you capture the information you need to form a Sustainable Development Policy.

Figure 2: Text Box Example. Click for larger view

If you read below the text box you can see how your information will fit within the standard text. Click Figure 2 above to scroll down and see this for yourself.

At the identifying issues part of the tool you will be asked a selection of yes/no/not applicable questions about your event. These questions are split into 8 sections which follow the Convention Industry Council’s 8 event stages: destination, accommodation, venue, transport, food and beverage, exhibition production, marketing and communications, general office procedure

Figure 3: Identifying Issues. Click for larger view

Where appropriate you will be able to email from the tool, a link to your event partners to answer these questions for you. For example you can email your venue contact to answer the questions about the venue. Your event partners will be able to complete these questions in their own time and the information will be added to your report.

At the Operational Control part of the tool you will be asked to add measurements. Again you have the ability to email these questions to your event partners. Any measurements you are able to provide will then be included in your final event summary report.

Figure 4: Operation Control Example. Click for larger view

The sustainable summary report is a report template which uses the text, questions and measurement which you have added into the tool.

Below is a copy of the sustainable summary report produced for a Positive Impact educational event:

Insert report’ London education event- positive Impact’