The objective of the website is to share resources, tools and ideas with the aim of increasing the positive impact events have on our economy, society and environment.

The sustainable event online tool is a guide for implementing sustainability and measuring the impact of an event. It has been created to work as a guide to achieving BS8901 Sustainable Event Standard.

10% of the income from this tool will be given to Positive Impact, a not for profit education scheme to educate the event industry in sustainability.

The sustainable event online tool has been created by Organise This (an event management company experienced in sustainable events) and Crowberry Consulting Ltd(an environment, ethics and corporate responsibility management consultancy).

In brief our credentials include: BSC Ecology, MSc Environmental Impact Assessment, MBA Environmental Management, BS 8901 Chair, BS 8901 Case study implementer, Positive Impact sustainability education founder.

For more details of the experience that has been brought together to create the online tool please see:

Our expertise means we are able to offer event management and auditing support for large scale events to implement and measure sustainability. To discuss this service further please contact us,